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Carpet Cleaning

Get More Life Out of Your Carpets with Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Dyeing

If you ask the manufacturers, they'll say that most carpets can last for about 10 years with proper care. But even if your carpet is this old, that doesn't mean it's time to replace it just yet! Ten years is when it starts to show signs of wear in highly-trafficked areas, and some of the fibers might start to lose their texture and tuft. If you notice any of these things, don't despair! You don't need to replace your carpet just yet. Simply have a professional carpet cleaning instead!

Carpet Cleaning

Sometimes all it takes is a simple cleaning to make something look brand new again. This works for carpets too! Whether they're dirty, stained, or it's just been awhile, give us a call and we'll take care of it! We use a hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning, to pull dirt and debris from the very bottom layers of your carpet and in between the threads. You might be surprised at how much lighter and brighter your carpet looks after we visit!

Carpet Dyeing

Of course, we also hear many people say that they're sick of the carpet's color anyway so they want to have it replaced. Most have never heard of carpet dyeing before! This is a simple process that can make your room look completely transformed! The best part is that it's better for the environment than ripping up and throwing away the old carpet and having all new carpet and padding installed.

Contact Us Today!

If you're looking to add a little extra life to your carpets, call us today at 302-746-2051! We can save you time and money by cleaning or dyeing your carpets instead of having them replaced.

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